Software engineer, fluent in English (verbal and writing), working in English speaking projects as a contractor in several countries in Europe, Asia, Balkans. Eager to learn new technologies and skills. Good teamwork and communication skills. Open and transparent, shares information willingly. Flexible, independent and creative. Able to work without supervision and manage a team.

Familiar with Agile development principles, practices, tools and techniques. Engage in the full project life cycle. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Quality-minded with a high focus to detail, standardization and future production operation in mind.

This blog

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a writer by any means. I create this blog to share my experiences and challenges learning code along with some helpful insights and resources as I teach myself. It was built with Jekyll, a static website generator powered by Ruby.

I use this website for several purposes including:

  • general info about me for people who are curious
  • a place to publish things I discover
  • a venue for practice new things I’m learning


I have a full-time job right now, but I’m an open-minded person who likes new challenges, so if you have one for me, just drop me a message. I’m open for interesting events, projects, conferences, organizing trainings, workshops and public speaking opportunities. I’m also open for interesting affiliate programs and partnerships related to the content of this blog and my personal projects. If you want to begin cooperation, feel free to get in touch.

Contact me

Let’s talk about some stuff. Here are the various ways you can contact me. Choose wisely … ;)

  • @AndrzejDubaj on Twitter.
  • You can email me if that’s more your thing.
  • Also feel free to ask me anything via GitHub!

Guaranteed: 100% response rate.

Thanks for reading!


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I speak on this blog for myself only.