Lesson 1: Boost your happy chemicals

Take 8 hours sleep, exercise and eat healthy. You can give up sugar, cigarettes, alcohol and many other things that are not good for your health.

Lesson 2: Forget self-help, be kind

Just be kind … ;)

Lesson 3: Value your time

I hate people who don’t value their own time, because they also don’t value mine! I can back my money, but can’t get back my time. And be honest I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t waste time to think about it.

Lesson 4: The 80/20 principle

80% of the returns come from 20% of the causes. This principle can be applied to every aspect of our lives to maximize the returns

Lesson 5: Learn how to win friends and influence people

This is from another favorite book of mine. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Lesson 6: Create, don’t consume

Commit to create and do it. Everyone has the innnate desire to create, all want to add value to the word. We are all creators of some sort: some of us are coders, devops, testers, writers, painters, musicians. Some of us tahe photos, make cool things with theair hands.

Lesson 7: Mind over matter

There are a lots of events in our lives which we can’t control. Don’t worry and spend energy about events that under you control. We can choose how to react on them or spend energy on things that matter. Of cource you need some skills to back thoues up, but more you create your skills improves.

Lesson 8: Future blindness

People sucks at predicting the future.

Lesson 9: The 1% rule

Small improvements applied continuously iver a period of time have drastic effects.

Lesson 10: University is a scam

You don’t (always) need to go to university to become successful. Information is everywhere and accessible for free.

Lesson 11: Don’t give a fuck

Don’t give a fuck what other people think about you.

Lesson 12: Mentorship is the fast-track to success

Find a mentor. Learn from other people’s mistakes instead of commiting them on your own. You can also be mantor for yourself.

Lesson 13: Direct your efforts

Set a goal and work on it. This works for everting in your life.

Lesson 14: Pseudoscience can be beneficial

Sometimes we don’t have strong scientific proof that something is beneficial but experience tells us it probably is. Don’t rush to decisions, analyze the risks and potential benefits before jumping in but do keep an eye on new methods and techniques.

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