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Just funny question

A few days ago one person asked me if it makes any sense to using git one-person project. I remember does days that people used to use FTP and just upload to a server. So maybe I can give you a reason to use Git as a source control tool? Ok, let’s start then. First of all git allows you to correct errors/typos and bugs ASAP, very important. Git also gives you a lot of features for example:

  • no server to create repository and work, so you can work locally until pushing your code into some branch
  • rapid branching and very fast operation with branches
  • commits modification before pushing them to main or some other branch
  • stash changes for a while without making commits, because sometimes there is another task to start working on it
  • offline statistics
  • working on different machines, while commuting, some problem with hardware - you can easily clone the repo from GitHub/GitLab and start working on your project

It’s very easy to create a repository for example:

mdkri Project
cd Project
git init

and from now we using git in our project offline.

Some users of git introduce git to news cameras by console. It’s easy to anticipate but sometimes for some reason using a mouse and have a graphical interface is better. In my opinion it’s just a state of mind. Clicking by mouse has to be taught in the same way as terminal/shell commands. It can be worse just because of some bad design. Sometimes interface can’t show all commands. For me, de best solution is just the terminal/shell …


Git is very usefull also for some one perdon projecy. Can save the skin or save the day ;)


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