This post is about THE MEETINGS … Please don’t waste my time.

OTV Comfy Cartel by Neil Padaloy
OTV Comfy Cartel by Neil Padaloy

People organize a meeting without a clear sense of purpose, no clear goal, no structure, no action points, no OUTCOME! Even the time frame! Others attend without any chance to reach any clear sense of these meetings …

People attending any invitation they get JUST IN CASE of … Yea just in case of WHAT?

Every meeting should have …

  1. The goal

    Strict, clear and defined goal. If it’s too a wide just split the meeting in two.

  2. The number

    • if it’s a workshop set the limit to the number you fill for you is ok (personal look & feel)
    • brainstorming session: 5 people max
    • some other purpose: 9/10 people max
  3. Agenda

    • deliver clear agenda
    • invite-only interested people and be sure that only people interested in the topic
    • sometimes is good to freeze topic for a follow-up
  4. Materials

    • presentation, documents - sendup front
    • send only IMPORTANT materials
    • be sure that nobody will read the whole doc
    • if you go through whole document during the meeting is good to have some comments before the whole meeting starts
  5. Summarize:

    • list of actions plans
    • minutes from the meeting
    • send the written form to all participants

Don’t waste your and other people time. Remember this is not about some corporate, strict discipline but it’s more about time, efficiency, time management, good practice to keep moving forward.


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