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Movie: Fury, Director: David Ayer. A grizzled tank commander makes tough decisions as he and his crew fight their way across Germany in April, 1945.
Movie: Fury, Director: David Ayer. A grizzled tank commander makes tough decisions as he and his crew fight their way across Germany in April, 1945.

Table of contents:

  1. Personal
  2. Silent, and silent only …
  3. Energy, yeah this one
  4. Knowing yourself
  5. Times of transition are tricky
  6. Technology
  7. Body
  8. Don’t get your expectetion to hight
  9. Relief
  10. Option
  11. Death
  12. Extreme ownership
  13. Useful tools & gadgets


A ship in harbore is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. John A. Shedd

2021 it was a strange year … This year learned a lot … a lot about me, a lot about other people. Some thoughts are below … 1

Silent, and silent only …

Often times we choose to stay silent because we don’t want any trouble, we look away from reality to stay inside our bubble, we don’t want to be bothered.

This behavior is not only evil in itself, but it is also a root of evil. Not only you’re not staying true to yourself but you open a window for people going the wrong way.

Tell the fvcking truth, make this a habit, say what you think, call out bs when you hear it, but do it perspicaciously, be smart about it.

Be aware, the world hates the truth, people don’t want to hear it, sometimes we don’t want to hear it. Truth is absolute, is devastating, it doesn’t care about your feelings.

We must always seek the truth, not so we become wise but so we can help others see it too. Tell the truth so others can see it too.

Energy, yeah this one

Food is energy, and eating unhealthy food will impact your health. Very few people undesrand that music is also energy entering your body is some frequency, social media use imapcts our energy levels.

Are we really need it? Are we really need facebook, twitter, messages, popup notifications, destracting us, distract people from matters that are simply important?

Do we really need another algorithm that trains us like a dog? Is another addiction to an abstract being that is not tangible but arouses our emotions really necessary? Can we just live differently without it?

Types od energy we consume will massively afect type of enerrgy we put out:

  • music
  • food
  • conversations
  • social media

Knowing yourself

First know yourself, if you don’t know who you are you don’t know what you want, you have no direction.

Spending time alone is the key to self awarness, onse you know yourself you’re in a good position to attack life, and LIVE YOU LIFE. But it’s takes time, take your timne to live a good life.

Times of transition are tricky

Time is infinite. Your worries are infinite. You are not infinite and will fade into dust. Best just move on and forget about it.


99% of people only consume/recall information that was created in the last 72 hours. And most of this information will disappear in the next 72 hours also. You see, the 24-hour news cycle cons people into a feeling of being “informed”, when the reality is anything but…

Some people will tell you, “It’s good to be informed.”

Well sure, it’s helpful to be “informed” of urgent or important things but… Technology is very addictive. This is a fact. 95% of people nowadays are addicted to social media, videogames, food… Limit the time you spend using technology, get out and connect with people.


The strongest people in the world are not the biggest and the biggest people in the world are not the strongest. Why? The muscles in the back side of your body are most important for strength, and the ones in the front are the ones that make you look jacked, therefore strong people don’t always look like they’re really big because they don’t put as much effort on the ones in the front, they train them ofc but not as much as the ones in the back.

Bone structure also impacts how big you look without actually being big. The strongest people in the world tend to have a bigger bone structure and a higher body fat, making them look not as big until you put them next to someone who looks big but really isn’t.

Just go to the gym.

Don’t get your expectetion to hight

When you don’t care about the outcome everything is so much easier.

Forgot the word: DESERVE … You don’t deserve shit. You get what you ask for, work for, fight for …

Satyrykon by Wiesław Wałkuski, 1991
Satyrykon by Wiesław Wałkuski, 1991


The sweetest water is that after the toughest sweat, the best food is that while hungry, the best sleep after grinding all night to finish something. When the end is near, the last couple hundred feet of a race, the last couple reps of squats in the week, is when you must push the hardest. Once suffered through you will be rewarded with a break that not only feels well earned, but is truly felt, because you need it. Giving up will feel 100x worse than the actual pain of you having to grind something out is. Reap your rewards and push through to finish your suffering.


Of course you have choice in this life. It’s two. You can either be a softie or a savage. Right now this world needs savages. You can take the route of a constant mild pleasure that gives you no meaning, or you can gather the strength you have and do everything in your power to fight against weakness and vice.


Last year: 2021, someone just wished me death (literally in my face). He was angry, resentful, envious … but to be honest I dont give a fvck. Why? I’ve always been driven by my desire to die, I’m not afraid of death, why? Because I know death is not the end. Death has always motivated me and motivates me everyday to live and get better. That’s why.

Vicious Circle by Jacek Malczewski, 1895–1897
Vicious Circle by Jacek Malczewski, 1895–1897

Extreme ownership

If you will played by someone then your failuer is in your awareness. That gives you something to fix and improve instead of someone to blame.

Useful tools & gadgets

During this year I bought a few gadgets … Some of them are really useful. Some of them were used on daily basis, some of them occasionally, for example:

  • hammer, to be precise: two-handed demolition hammer
  • a bottle for wother - yeah the real one made from glass
  • duolingo - good app for learning languages
  • pluralsight - private license

I’ve learned a lot, tried a lot of stuff in PRACTICE, so yes this year was very fascinating …

PS. Happy New Year!

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