A picture is worth a thousend words

Whiteboards and flipcharts are good to use every single time to do this kind of work. It’s easier to grab attention and design on a higher level of abstraction when using a chart or diagram. So why is it not easy to use UML or some other diagrams?

  • because other people, clients or non-technical can’t understand them
  • is hard to express low-level details in drawing
  • because Visio is not such a good tool …
  • if you put too much info diagrams can’t be readable and you can’t limit the level of detail in the picture …

Drawing is like communication protocols between some group of people. Sometimes is a notch to have single look and things are becoming more than obvious.

Use your tool wisely, some of them are like Paint. You can draw everything, tools doesn’t care what all those symbols should represent.

Currently, I’m looking for some good tools for UML design, free of course, to test them and use as a tool to create new diagrams. In the past, I was using the Vision from Microsoft. Good tool but I think I can find something better.

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