We have all been there, your old PC dies and now what? First things you do is buy a new one. Here are some tips what can you do with old PC:

  1. Take it apart and see what comes out ;)
  2. Create a file server
  3. Install and use Linux
  4. Sell it
  5. Trash it
  6. Set it on fire
  7. Give it away to friends or family who can use the upgrade
  8. See what happens when you don’t cool your processor
  9. Take everthing out and turn it into a barbeque
  10. Blow it up
  11. Coffee maker
  12. Aquarium (with plexi glass plating, of course)
  13. Webcam
  14. Paper shredder
  15. Use it as a trash can
  16. Make it a mailbox
  17. Build a can dispenser (hit ‘reset’ to obtain a beverage of your choice)
  18. This can also be converted into an aquarium
  19. Remove the tube and create a cage for small animals
  20. Ash tray
  21. CD / DVD Rack

Got your own personal favourite? Please post a comment and share it with us all!

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