Several times I often found myself behind my computer at two in the morning trying to finish a feature for a side project and trying to keep my eyes open and be focused.

After several hack sessions until two or three in the morning, there is always a price to pay in the morning. Clock alarms, more than a tree would wake me up. I will be a grump all day. Late at night while I coding and trying to finish some features, the next day feature does not look that good, so I’m rewriting the code again … and again night is wasted.

This kind of approach is hard to keep up with. Sometimes it cost me to give up some projects. In late April I was changing my approach, waking up at 5:30 and listening to all the birds. Before the night no late-night hacking and to my surprise I woke naturally at 5:30 the next morning. I got up, showered, got myself a cup of coffee and fired up my computer to hack on a feature I’d been thinking about.

At 7:30 feature was done. Nice ;) I was still thirty minutes ahead of my normal morning routine. That day I had more energy. Knowing that I’d already completed that one feature put me at ease somehow. In the evening I didn’t do much – because I didn’t have to. I spend some time doing fun stuff and went to bed early.

I’ve been doing this for two weeks now and it’s been awesome. In the morning I’m more focused and I honestly write better code. It’s been a long while since I finished a side project, but the way things are currently progressing I might even finish this one and start another.

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