Some minor changes can make commit message style in more readable:

Format: <type>(<scope>): <subject>
<scope> is optional
feat: add some feature

^--^ ^------------^
| |
| +-> Summary in present tense.
+-------> Type: chore, docs, feat, fix, refactor, style, or test.

More Examples:

feat: new feature for the user, not a new feature for build script fix: bug fix for the user, not a fix to a build script docs: changes to the documentation style: formatting, missing semi colons, etc; no production code change refactor: refactoring production code, eg. renaming a variable test: adding missing tests, refactoring tests; no production code change chore: updating grunt tasks etc; no production code change

Examples commit messages:

fix(middleware): ensure Range headers adhere more closely to RFC 2616

Add one new dependency, use `range-parser` (Express dependency) to compute
range. It is more well-tested in the wild.

Fixes #2310


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  2. Git Commit Msg
  3. Semantic Commit Messages

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