OnlyFake created a highly convincing California driver’s license, complete with whatever arbitrary name, biographical information, address, expiration date, and signature we wanted. The photo even gives the appearance that the ID card is laying on a fluffy carpet, as if someone has placed it on the floor and snapped a picture. […]

The service offers a metadata changer because identity verification services, or people, may inspect this information to determine if the photo is fake or not. That includes fabricating what device allegedly took the photo – an Apple iPhone 11 Pro, a Huawei BKL-L09 – the date and time of creation, and spoofed GPS coordinates. […]

Where things get a bit more tricky for fraudsters, and where some sort of other service or skill set would be required on top of OnlyFake, would be sites that ask for video or photo verification which ask the user to physically hold up their ID to the camera. That, obviously, is not really possible with an ID card that doesn’t actually exist. Other related sites have something of a workaround, or at least offer a helping hand. Users can purchase sets of photos from a choice of hundreds of people holding up blank pieces of paper, laptops, and plain passport-shaped objects to a camera, which they can then superimpose their fake documents onto.

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