As a Java programmer, venturing into mobile app development, familiarizing yourself with Kotlin is highly advisable. I suggest starting with Kotlin Koans, which offers a user-friendly series of exercises facilitating a solid understanding of Kotlin programming.

For a smooth introduction to mobile app development, delve into the “Build your first app” guide. Although concise, it provides a foundational understanding of the Android environment, serving as an excellent starting point.

Next steps

For a more comprehensive yet still beginner-friendly tutorial series, consider enrolling in the Android Developer Fundamentals Course. While it may cover some topics already touched upon in the previous guide, it serves as a valuable recap and delves deeper into essential concepts. By completing this course, you’ll gain proficiency in developing Android applications, including utilizing SQLite databases.

After mastering the fundamentals, progress to the Advanced Android Developer Course, treating it as the next level after completing the basics. This course will build upon your foundational knowledge, allowing you to tackle more advanced Android development concepts.

Additionally, I recommend seeking out an open-source Android project to contribute to. If none catch your interest, consider initiating one yourself. This hands-on experience will solidify your skills and contribute to the Android developer community.

When working with the Room library, you’ll encounter coroutines. To gain a better understanding of them, consider exploring a guide prepared by Google specifically focused on this topic.

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