Apache Solr is a full-text search platform developed under an open-source license. This means that many developers are constantly working on improving this technology, and every user has access to the source code of their Solr. This allows for full customization according to individual preferences. Solr utilizes a search library called Lucene, with Java as its programming language. It is equipped with HTTP/JSON API interfaces similar to REST. The engine is primarily designed for scalability and stable operation. Solr’s openness to integration allows it to be adapted to various types of applications or plugins, which is beneficial for large, dedicated applications.

Apache Solr is a search engine where you index a set of data, then send a query to Solr, which searches the entire database and retrieves relevant information for the searched phrase. All of this happens in real-time, meaning you don’t have to click any buttons as increasingly accurate results are displayed with each typed letter. Apache Solr can search through a wide variety of files such as Word, PDF, and more.

Solr employs a global search approach, meaning that after any changes made to the database, the entire database needs to be refreshed. So, if you have data that doesn’t change too frequently and you prioritize high performance and search accuracy, Apache Solr would be the optimal choice.

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