Pilgrims Going to Mecca, Painted in 1861 (Oil on Canvas), by Leon Belly
Pilgrims Going to Mecca, Painted in 1861 (Oil on Canvas), by Leon Belly

It’s been a while since the last update on automated journey. Much can be written and not all threads have been touched, but a few points should be highlighted. Starting from scratch, we have achieved a good level of infrastructure that is able to recover on demand, fully audited, and covered by tests.

  • the effort put into automation covers more than eighty percent of all test scenarios that have been created for testing purposes,
  • test stability,
  • multi repo vs single-repo,
  • rapotowanie,
  • parrallel test running,
  • reports on demand,
  • infrastructutre on demand,
  • splitting suite into parts based on criticality,

and much more …

Personally, I believe that the greatest success in this whole process was the approach to automatize, not just automatize (activity in progress, without the indication of an end) blindly, without a clear goal and end. The results, compared to what we had at the very beginning, are really satisfactory.

The process itself, which has been described to a greater or lesser extent, was a very informative and interesting adventure.


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